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Meet Olivia

The owner and founder of Liv Bee Jewelry Co.


Olivia began her welding expertise as a self-taught hobby that quickly grew to be her total passion.

Olivia began her entrepreneurial journey in 2013 when she owned and operated her very own airbrush tanning business. It was not until 2016 that she found out she was expecting her first child and decided being home with her babies was the most important. This time also allowed her to focus on her health, as she was diagnosed with multiple scorisis at the age of 22. While she is determined to not let her diagnosis define her, it is a huge part of who she is and she takes immense pride in educating others about it.


In 2021, nearly 6 years later, Olivia was ready to take on her next business endeavor and when she received the news that her best friend was moving across the country, they began to rack their brains to find something that they could cherish together, forever. When Olivia found permanent jewelry on Tik Tok - she was hooked and the two immediately scheduled a welding session. Olivia knew how important and sentimental this new piece of jewelry was to her and her bestie, that she wanted to share this timeless keepsake with others, and that’s when the idea of Linked x Liv was born. In February 2022, she began learning, researching and mastering all things permanent jewelry and formally launched her business in July 2022.  ​

LIV BEE Jewelry Co., formerly Linked x Liv, offers a wide range of permanent jewelry, that is always one of a kind and fully customized to your body. Your initial consultation will consist of picking your jewelry style, finish, and area you’d like to showcase your custom piece - we currently offer jewelry on wrists, ankles, and necks. Our chains feature authentic 14k white or yellow solid gold, so rest assured, you never have to question if your jewelry is the real deal!

We proudly offer sustainable jewelry in our effort to keep our impact on the environment as minimal as possible. 14k gold is made entirely of a natural alloy, which means no fillers or toxins will ever make up your custom piece. We pride ourselves in offering durable, high-quality, yet dainty pieces, that are made to last. Our jewelry is made to be worn daily and our promise to you is that it will never taint or tarnish, even after years of wear and tear.


Absolutely adore my bracelets from LIV BEE Jewelry Co. They are super delicate looking, beautiful but super strong. I love the idea and look of permanent jewelry and the fact that I can be confident in the fact I won't ever have to worry about losing this piece of jewelry!



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